Data & Rating

iTrust Rating's ESG scores are powered by cutting-edge Big Data and Artificial Intelligence technology, operating on an investor-centric payment model to reduce conflicts of interest. The company's ESG scoring methodology draws inspiration from the doctoral dissertation of its founder, Dr. Haisen Ding, at the University of Oxford, exemplifying its commitment to academic rigor and innovation.

The company's extensive database encompasses loyalty ratings for 50,000 leading global brands and ESG performance ratings for 10,000 publicly traded companies worldwide. iTrust has forged a strategic partnership with World Brand Labs to leverage its brand loyalty and ESG score results for an impactful marketing strategy.

At the core of its operations, iTrust Rating leverages cutting-edge block connectivity and big data technologies. The company employs state-of-the-art artificial intelligence to ensure the continuous and real-time updating of its rating products, maintaining a vigilant 24/7 commitment. Furthermore, iTrust's research frameworks adhere to international standards and principles, including the UN Global Compact, ISO 26000, ICGN, and CFA Corporate Governance Guidelines.

The iTrust Rating ESG rating methodology serves as a comprehensive guide, elucidating the intricacies of data collection, data processing, scoring indicators, scoring approach, and other pivotal elements integral to the ESG rating process for listed companies. Upholding the principles of transparency, objectivity, and fairness, iTrust Rating evaluates the ESG performance of listed companies, ensuring a rigorous and impartial assessment.